Pure Vanity

by South Carey

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Recorded Summer 2012


released April 20, 2013

Jess - lala
Mike - strum strum
Carl - boom boom
Jim - bang snap

Recorded in Fall 2012 by Joe Mitra at Developing Nations, Baltimore, MD.



all rights reserved


South Carey Baltimore, Maryland

4 guys getting older but not wiser.

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Track Name: Dog Park
All these kids
All these dogs
We never want to leave them alone
Walk the park
We’re in the dark
So content to stay at home
Pay these bills
Defer these loans
Looking at retirement funds
Private school
Home Depot
It’s a holiday in the sun

I got records in my den
Looks like I’m home tonight
Out of whiskey, I’ve got gin (Jen)
Won’t go out and get in fights
“I been places you’ve never been”
That’s why I’m home tonight
TV off, in bed by ten
Read a book, turn out the light

Wake up/Snooze alarm/Three times/Get in the car/To work/Ten hours a day/Headache/Every day/Back home/Wash up/Do it again/Throw up

We go out
Once a month
When we find someone to sit
We go out
Once a month
When we can afford it
I’m not a crook
Never told me it would be like this
Thinning hair
Chain smoke
You never told me what I’d miss
Track Name: Prozac and Vodka
Prozac and Vodka

I refuse to be
A victim of my own tragedy
(There's still hope for you yet)

I went to see the doctor
I’m the sanest that he’s seen
But that ain’t saying much

I refuse to be
A victim of my own tragedy
(There's still hope for you yet)

My mom is saying Prozac
My dad is saying vodka
But I can’t swallow
I can’t swallow either

I can’t hang myself today
With my laces
because I’m wearing Vans
Track Name: 7 And Counting
We’re building an army
That cannot stand
We’re building an army
All fun, no fights

Comrades who will be there til the end
With lunchbox rations and crayon bayonets
We’ll teach ‘em bout the Bad Brains
And never trust the man
With parents like us
They’ll be Republican

We’re building an army
That cannot stand
We’re building an army
That can’t yet stand
Track Name: Endless Mike Is A Pipe Bomb
Smash the binoculars
Grind up the lens and build microscopes
Don’t look at the stars in the sky
Let’s stare at rose petals
Five pounds of concrete ain’t shit to this city
It’ll fix up the sidewalk just fine
Got rid of my calendar, got me a stopwatch
A second’s a much better time

The news on the Internet is just way too much
Bring me a Baltimore Guide
You know I still care about endangered species
You know that my houseplant just died
The ice caps are melting, there’s a hole in my roof
Both ways I’m still getting wet
I got sub-prime lending, you bought me a Coke
Both ways I’m deeper in debt

So bring me your boo-boo
Cuz I got a band-aid
Bring me your bike
Cuz I got a chainbreaker
Bring me your car
Cuz I got lots of duct tape
We can fix it all
Yes we can fix it all
Track Name: Fancy Party
I don’t want to be
Part of your...

It’s all night every night
You sleep til 1 each day
Can’t remember what you did
Repeat repeat repeat
Put on this costume
You’re not that kid anymore
Sophisticated, cover page
Like a walking GQ ad

You be Daisy, I’ll be Jake
We don’t live in West Egg
You be Kanye, I’ll be Jay
This ain’t no video shoot
“But I’m not ever gonna be cool”
Well I don’t want to be
Nothing exceeds like excess
I don’t need your party

I don't wanna be part of your FANCY PARTY
Track Name: JC Still Pays The Bills
We stole a basement
To make some noise
We called all our friends
They brought their toys
We taught group lessons
For boys and girls
We laid the concrete
We built this world

It might be small
But it’s all ours
We’ll take our falls
And they’ll be ours
From start to end
For foe or friend / for hers or him
We’ll do it for us
Cuz this is ours

Let’s be rebellious
For just one night
With pen and paper
And a couple fives
Let’s duck out of bars
Find a cellar door
We’ll never forget what this was for

I might be an adult
I’m a minor at heart
Track Name: This Place Is A Shithole
1720 Thames
I ride my bike to meet you
You make me coffee on Sundays
We’ll walk to Jimmy’s on Mondays
You never get your
Dreadlocks in my
Decaf mocha latte

Hey where you at Baltimore?
Get it on IT
Get it on ya

1729 Maryland Ave
You were broken
You were dirty when I met you
Now you’re not broken
But you’re still dirty
And I’m over thirty
And I can’t wait to get inside you
One more night
Just one more night

33rd and Barclay
I think you’re ok
Would you be my friend?
At least this weekend
You know I really love your cooking
Fresh fruit and vegetables
Forget the rest of those
A man has got eat
As long as it isn’t wheat

403 South Broadway
Why’d you have to go away?
It was more than a trend
But all good things must end
And now I’ve got to go to Hampden
Where I might see a band I saw last night
Selling records and reading zines
Let’s go back to whence we came
Back when we were 16

Marble Bar
Sticky Fingers
Chat Street
The Loft
Black Aggie’s
Memory Lane
...at least we still got the Ottobar